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A collection of genuinely literate, witty, wry and, in the main, totally unaffected songs... 'Portrait', as is, is a lustrous thing



[Portrait...] hits an honest raw nerve that few singers manage in these days of superficiality and artifice

by Chimp Magazine


Owen Franklin has produced an 11 track album of wittily literate compositions... [he] is a sharply worded humorist [and] a spectacularly deranged genius

by Tasty fanzine


Double Owen Franklin's age, force him to smoke 20 cigarettes a day, give him at least one divorce and the UK will have itself one hell of a musician... He's smug yet self-depreciating at the same time and hearing what he does next should be interesting

by Room Thirteen


[Franklin] has something of Belle and Sebastian or The Divine Comedy about him, particularly with his self-depreciating, but charming, ways

by The Crack magazine


Owen has a rare talent of being able to strike a chord (a literal chord) in just the right beautiful tone, and it can be absolutely gorgeous

by Pennyblack Music


[Franklin] has a youthful way of combining images and bursts of vivid emotion. He’s no Dylan or Jason Mraz, but there is an unpolished, tongue-in cheek attitude

by Pennyblack Music (on 'The Not-So-Great Gatsby' single)


The Film Noir EP

'Film Noir' demonstrates a truly cinematic view of storytelling... there is a definite 'film' element to all of this, what with the amount of stories being told in the space of just these three songs... This is an entertaining, bold world of miseries faced with the one healthy response it can get - irony

by AAA Music


It's got clever and heartfelt lyrics, with a great voice behind them. It's produced with talent, and the songs themselves just shine. My only complaint is that it doesn't go on for longer, and that's not really a legitimate complaint, is it?

by Room 13


The music on 'The Film Noir EP' is of a high standard, and Franklin’s lyrics, particularly on 'Teetotal', are thoughtful, inspired and humorous. There is a lot to like on the three tracks

by Pennyblack Music


[Franklin] has a gift with words making them dance along to his melodies

by Tasty fanzine


A charming and brilliant EP from a very talented young artist... dazzlingly unique and refreshingly different, and certainly deserves a lot of attention

by Aberdeen Student Radio



Latest Release

Measure For Measure January 2013)